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Nemocoon Mine Tour

Meeting with the passenger at the hotel.

We begin our tour touring the north area of ​​Bogotá, where we will see the modern and cosmopolitan architecture of the city. Afterwards we will enjoy the different greens ranges of our beautiful countryside, we will pass through different small cities until we reach the city of Nemocón (in the indigenous language "Lamento Guerrero"), located 65 km away. from Bogota. In this beautiful town of colonial architecture, which seems to be stopped in time is the Nemocon Salt Mine, exploited since 1801.

Once in the mine, it will descend up to 80 meters underground and we will be able to admire the natural mirrors of Salmuera, the salt waterfall, the chapel of the Virgen del Cármen, the city of stalactites and stalagmites, among other attractions, all illuminated with great variety of colored lights that make our journey a magical encounter with the bowels of the earth. An additional fact about the mine is that the film "Los 33" was filmed based on the real story of the miners of Chile. Back to the hotel.

Important notes:

1. Operate every day.
2. Departure from 8 am.
3. Estimated time 6 hours.
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
5. Bilingual Guide (English) request in advance.