Tour of Esmeraldas in the Center of Bogotá

Come and share with us a couple of hours in which we will teach you about the wonderful world of Esmeralda.

Our experts will take you to the commercial heart of the world of Esmeralda, where you will be immersed in knowledge about the history and realities of this market.

With more than 30 years in the market of Esmeraldas they have the experience and knowledge to be able to transmit it to all of you.
It is this knowledge that makes us part of two important books.
Esmeraldas, a passionate guide and The Lonely Planet.

In this tour we will visit a professional carver, then we will go through the traditional market and finally we will be in an office, learning and observing emeralds, this in order that at the end of the tour you feel like professionals in the subject.

The duration of the tour is Approximately 2 hours (given that it is a real experience, with business people, we depend on several factors, to be able to do the tour.
We only have the tour from Monday to Friday during official hours.
The cost is 80,000 Colombian pesos per person.
To reserve call at 3133176534