This festival with luminous giants, inspired by natural symbols such as the humpback whale, the marmoset, the orchid, the jaguar among many more. After passing through cities like London, Paris and Dublin, the Brilla Festival arrives in Colombia.

The Festival will take place from November 16 to January 12, in the Botanical Garden of Bogotá. An experience that will mix technology and nature in a unique show, especially made for Colombia and for the first time in Latin America with a show tailored to the national reality. A show that will become part of the capital's DNA and that will be held annually.

The Brilla Festival is a cultural, educational and technological show that will honor Colombian fauna and flora through 470 huge luminescent figures. These figures are true colossi, the smallest one is 2 meters long and the largest one reaches 21 meters high. And they will not be arranged randomly, but their disposition responds to various ecosystems found in seven of the Colombian geothermal floors: ocean, savanna, moor, desert, foggy forest, jungle and mangroves. The travel time will be more or less than two hours and the curatorship of animal and plant species was in charge of the marine biologist Svén Zea, in addition to the support of the Botanical Garden of Bogotá.