Hotel Casa Deco, charming and majestic hotel buuteeq, dedicated to the service of our guests.


Is very committed to the environment, taken care of the use of natural resources, raising awareness to our staff and visitors of the impact we have on our ecosystem, thus in this way reducing our ecological print.


Being located in the historic center of our city, it is essential for us to promote the locals. we promote our culture and gastronomy and we are committed to the cultural heritage of the city.


In the same way is important to us that our community grow and improve, this is why we support our community by buying their products and supporting them where necessary.


However, we cannot do this alone we need the help of our guest, providers and workers and to do a god job together they have rights and duties. The right to be part of the team and the duty to participated actively in our campaigns


We are committed to make sure the law is applied to the fullest:


-Law 679 of 2001 and law 1336 of 2009. – to prevent the exploitation and commercialization -with young children through tourism.


-Law 103 of 1991, 397 de 1997, 185 of 2008 – to prevent traffic of cultural goods. And law 17 of 1981 – convention about the international commercialization of Flora and Fauna in danger of extinction.


-Law 1482 of 2011, Guarantees the protection of the rights of a person, group of people or community who are violated through acts of racism or discrimination.