CSEC policy

Hotel Casa Deco's Corporate Policy relating to the protection of children and adolescents from Sexual Explotation in Travel and Turism.

Hotel Casa Deco, being a provider hotel with a great sense of social responsibility and always in favor of the defense of any sort of sexual explotation against children and adolescents; we have created a corporate policy that includes all employees in the execution of an internal code, which serves as an instrument of self-regulation and monitoring of the commitments to avoid cases where physical and psychological integrity of children  is affected 

To carry out these standards have prioritized the following points: 
1.Train staff and requiring virtual certificate "THE CODE", this with the aim of identifying possible crimes against our children and adolescents emphasizing prevention and denouncing these as necessary. 
2. Zero tolerance to all forms of sexual exploitation and violence against children and adolescents.
3. Dissemination of our policies to all our guests through brochures in all rooms as well as on our website. 
4.Introduce our corporate policies to all companies with which we relate as travel agencies, restaurants, transportation services companies.