Implement, comply with and generate each and every one of the environmental, sociocultural and economic sustainability requirements set forth in NTC-TC 002 (Colombian Technical Standard for Sustainable Tourism 002), in all the processes that intervene in the value chain, also involving to all interested parties, who make it possible for our lodging and lodging establishment to promote sustainable performance.



Optimize the use of water

Incorporate a policy of purchasing primarily biodegradable washing products


Optimize energy consumption

Waste Management

Optimize the integral management of waste to ensure the correct disposal of the same

Purchases and suppliers

Incorporate a purchasing policy where green sustainable suppliers prevail, according to market conditions.

Have more local suppliers.


Decrease in the daily consumption of paper.

Study for change in raw material.

Chemical products

Optimize the use of chemical products

Increase the use of biodegradable products

Visual and atmospheric pollution

Promote the use of minimalist decoration.

Prevent excess information.

Promote the minimum use of music and noise in general.

Change of doors and windows to minimize the noise produced in the hotel.

Cultural heritage

Promote the care of the heritage between our staff and guests

Promote visits to our monuments.

Promote and disseminate the local culture.


Promote training among our staff.

Support the community with training and charitable projects.


Incorporate information data and internal security procedures.

Encourage the use of private security