Casa Deco history

Casa Deco is located in the town of "La Candelaria" Historical, Political, University and Alternative Center of Bogota.

La Candelaria was the first site founded by the Spaniards upon arriving in this area of Colombia, in 1538.

In 1970 the Candelaria corporation was created, which aims to rescue the historical heritage of Bogota. It is for this reason that the Hotel Casa Deco is considered a heritage building, this means that the building cannot be modified at all in its exterior and very little in its interior (for this several permits must be requested)

Casa Deco, as the name implies, is based on Art Deco, and in the same way as it is presented today it was built in the late 1950s.

In 2006 the current owners a Colombian and an Italian. They bought and remodeled it for two years, in September 2008 it opened its doors to tourism from all over the world.