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Bogotá has a number of natural settings that are very interesting, such as parks, wetlands or streams, the problem is that very few people knows about them.
For this reason, the District Institute of Tourism (IDT) and Clorifila Urbana Corporation, created a competition "the Seven Natural Treasures of Bogotá", where citizens voted to choose the best green attractions in the city .
The winner was Sumapaz National Park, followed by José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, Quebrada Las Delicias, Quebrada La Vieja, Laguna Alar Pasquilla the Entrenubes Mountain Ecological Park and Ecological Park Mirador Los Nevados.
"Internationally we only show the traditional tourist sites, such Monserrate, so we have taken on the task of recognizing these treasures, to show that the city is full of other sites that all have to visit," said Luis Fernando Rosas , CEO of IDT.
"We hope this initiative will reach the hearts of the citizens and not just your ears. The idea is that this catches as they are treasures that are not untouchable, you can enjoy and feel them, "said Luis Olmedo, director of the Botanic Garden.

School children were benefited by this proyect

Five thousand children between 9 and 12, belonging to district schools and institutions of childcare, participated in educational outings to the natural attractions. "The aim of the activities was to create environmental awareness to conserve resources," said Ricardo Peñuela the IDT.

Our heritage is natural

According to the Ministry of Environment and the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), the country had an annual rate of 30 thousand deforested areas.
Another issue of concern is the wildlife. The Condor, a national symbol, is endangered by people who hunt because they believe their bodies have therapeutic powers.
"Nature does not cost us, it has beengiven to us, but the man is transformed to their advantage and at that point we have to realize that we must care for, it is something sacred that it gives us values, beliefs, identity and future" said Luis Olmedo.
Hence the importance of building a green culture for citizens:
"We want that when asked people from Bogota about this sites: Do you know the Sumapaz? Do not take what is that like? Or if you want to see deer , they know there are at Chingaza Park. Our ideal is to make people aware of the issue and feel like part of our heritage, "said Luis Castro, director of the Urban Chlorophyll Corporation.

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